Tables/Utilities - Cost Centers

The General Ledger Cost Centers are used with SeekerWorksPLU$™-related accounting functions to ensure everything gets segregated to the correct spot. The list of cost centers can be viewed Hierarchically or alphabetically.

The "G/L Cost Centers" screen (shown below) appears when you click the (Cost Centers) menu button, show the list Hierarchically.

The "G/L Cost Centers" screen can also be sorted alphabetically.

The "Update A Cost Center" screen defines the characteristics of the G/L Cost Center, and can be used to create a Sub Center of another Cost Center. Each new Cost Center is assigned a unique ID, as well as an internal Cost Center number that determines its sort order on the financial statements (shown at the bottom with the # sign). This is calculated based upon the other Cost Centers and whether or not it is a sub-center (or sub-sub-center, etc.)