People - Classes/Seminars

The Classes/Seminars function is used to schedule classes or seminars and keep track of who wants to take that class or seminar. Typically, these are different from Small Groups, since classes and seminars usually have a fixed number of sessions, while small groups tend to be ongoing groups of people doing life together.

A Class/Seminar's information is set up once. Then, that Class/Seminar can be scheduled as many times as you want to present the information. Each Scheduled Class/Seminar defines who will lead it, the starting date/time/location and a roster of students who plan to attend. Once scheduled, you can also define each additional session that Class/Seminar will meet and record class attendance, if desired.

The "List Of Scheduled Classes/Seminars" screen shows all of the classes or seminars that have been scheduled.

The "Add/Update A Class/Seminar" screen is used to create new classes or seminars or update their information.

The "Schedule A Class/Seminar" screen is used to update a scheduled class's information or schedule the first (or only) session of a class/seminar.

The "Select Class/Seminar Members" screen is used to link people to the scheduled class/seminar's roster.

The "Class/Seminar Leader(s) Picture For: xxxxx starting zzzzz" screen is used to link a picture of the scheduled Class/Seminar Leader(s) or to take one with a webcam.

The "List Of Sessions For A Scheduled Class/Seminar" screen shows a list of sessions for a scheduled class/seminar.

The "Attendance for a Session of a Scheduled Class/Seminar" screen is used to record who was present for the session and who was absent.