Gifts/Pledges - Pledges

The "Pledges By Gift Category" screen shows the total of all pledged amounts and the number of pledges for each Pledge Period Control. You must create a pledge period control before you can add or update pledges.

The "Maintain Pledges" screen shows pledge information made for each Giving Unit.

The following screen shot shows the Drop-down list of Frequency options, which include W (Weekly), B (Bi-Weekly), S (Semi-Monthly), M (Monthly), Q (Quarterly), H (Half-Year), A (Annual) and O (Other). Use _ (Erase) to remove a Giving Unit's pledge.

The "Update A Pledge By Month For: xxxxx" screen shows a planned pledge by month for the pledge period and is useful when the pledged amount does not fit a frequency option. In this example, the pledge is also being made in Great Britain Pounds (GBP, aka British Pound Sterling), instead of the Base Currency of US Dollars.

The "Select A Giving Unit" screen is used to pick or add the Giving Unit making the pledge.

The "Update Exchange Rates Converting To XXX', {Average Exchange Rates} tab" screen is used when pledges are made in a currency different from the organization's base currency. An estimated average exchange rate is required before that pledge can be saved.

The "Pledge Totals By Category" report shows pledge information for each Giving Unit and totals at the bottom.