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Front Cover of the CD for SeekerWorks.NET™ In order to use SeekerWorks.NET™ you must either  register  a local account (with email confirmation),  log in with a registered local account  or  log in using an external service  like Google or Facebook, which will establish an account. To do so, click one of the links in the top right corner of this page. Then, you can  create an Organization  and start using SeekerWorks.NET™  free for up to 30 days .

SeekerWorks.NET™ is the web-based version of SeekerWorks, the windows-based Church Management Software solution downloadable from , which is also used to purchase licenses and other items from our web store. There is a wealth of information about SeekerWorks™ and SeekerWorksPLU$™ as well. Or, watch the videos on our  YouTube  channel to see how to use it.