People - Spiritual Gifts

Every believer in Christ has Spiritual Gifts. However, many believers don't know what their gifts are, or how or where to use them or think that only 'staff' work in a church. Mobilizing volunteers to serve in their area of giftedness and passion is important for the growth of each volunteer and for the edification of the church in general. While we have included a few curriculums, we'll add your favorite at no charge.

The "List Of Spiritual Gift Profiles" screen shows a list of all of the people who have filled out a spiritual gifts profile and possibly attended a spiritual gifts seminar.

The "Spiritual Gifts Profile" screen shows detailed information about a person's spiritual journey, their gifts, passions and interests in serving as a volunteer. The middle section containing Gifts/Scores changes as the curriculum selected is changed. Ideally, a volunteer resources person will interview the person about this information and help them find a place to plug in within your organization and follow up on that placement to ensure the fit is correct.

The "'Spiritual Gifts Profile' Report" screen shows all of the profile information in printed form.