People - Graduation/Promotion

As children and students grow, they eventually outgrow their current place within the church. Graduation and Promotion is used in SeekerWorks™ to graduate them from one ministry area to another (e.g., from the Toddlers area into the Preschool area), or promote them from one class to another within a minitry area (e.g., from 1st Grade into 2nd Grade).

The "Graduate Names To The Next Ministry Group Or Grade, {By Months Old} tab" screen shows names within each Ministry Group based upon how their age in months. The Ministry Group List screen defines an age cutoff to determine whether a group is based upon months old, years old or by a 'grade' in school. These definitions also correspond to the three tabs on this screen.

Each name in the various ministry age groups are shown with their current Ministry Group assignment, followed by the 'New' Ministry Group assignment if they are ready to be Graduated or Promoted, as well as their age and birthdate. Of course, if their birthdate is missing, it is impossible to graduate or promote them based upon age in months or age in years, as shown with '*** Birthdate Not Valid'. Click (Preview Changes) to reload the list, or (Graduate Now) to automatically graduate the names in the list on that particular tab. You can also click a name to see their name/address information.

The "{By Years Old} tab" shows names within each Ministry Group based upon their age in years.

The "{By Grade In School} tab" shows names within each Ministry Group based upon their current grade and Ministry Age Group.