Register Online For Upcoming Classes/Seminars

Your attendees can browse classes or seminars on the™ Attendee portal where they can ask for more information about them. Or, they can register for upcoming opportunities, and pay at registration on the portal if there is a cost for materials, using a credit card or ACH.

The 'Connect' Sub Menu option on the 'Home' screen can have a page for each Class/Seminar someone could attend, such as the Learn About Your Spiritual Gifts screen:


This screen is an example of a Spiritual Gifts class for Community Church of Cartoonville, which shows two buttons-- the (Ask About This Class/Seminar) button and, when there is an upcoming opportunity, the (Register For This Class/Seminar) button at the top of that screen.

When the first is clicked, the 'Follow Up Path- More Information:' path for the Class/Seminar is triggered and a tickler is sent to Elmer Fudd, since he teaches that class. When the second is clicked, the "Sign Me Up For This Class/Seminar!" screen appears (shown below after the Calendar screens).

An attendee could browse the calendar on the portal and sign up for a class that way. The Calendar Events: March, 2023 screen shows scheduled events for the month of March, 2023:

Calendar Events March 2023

This screen shows a month-at-a-glance view of all events scheduled for the organization, color coded by Event Type. Notice that the Spiritual Gifts Seminar appears on the 18th and 19th.

If you click the box around the events on the 18th, the Calendar Event Information: March 18, 2023 screen appears: