Schedule & Receive Online Gifts/Pledges

With SeekerWorks.NET™, Gifts (i.e., Donations) are given by Giving Units (i.e., Donors) in whatever currencies you accept using one or more Gift Categories (Funds) to indicate the desired use of the giver. Gifts-In-Kind can also be received whether or not a value is readily determined (i.e., you can use 0.00 as the amount, unless there is an appraisal included with the gift).

Gifts can be given or scheduled online using the™ Attendee portal (anonymously or otherwise).

The "Give To This Ministry" screen (on the portal) receives an ACH or credit card gift and immediately updates the Giving Unit's records:
Give To This Ministry screen

The "Scheduled Gifts" screen (on the portal) can also be used to receive ACH or credit card gifts on the date(s) the Giving Unit indicates they want the gift to be pulled from their account or charged to their credit card:
Scheduled Gifts screen

Gifts can also be given by envelope number, check, or cash physically in person, or by mail, and recorded in SeekerWorks.NET™. They are matched to one or more Pledges made by the Giving Unit, based upon the Pledge Campaign period and Gift Category (Fund). Each gift appears on statements, numerous reports and zoom-in/zoom-out total/detail screens by Giving Unit, Year, Currency Type and Gift Category. They are also accessible to view using the Attendee portal by the person(s) giving the gifts once you link their email address to their Giving Unit, or they create their Giving Unit using the portal (by giving a gift).

The "List Of Gifts By Day/Attendance Type/Currency" screen:
List Of Gifts By Day, Attendance Type, Currency screen

The "Giving Detail" screen:
Giving Detail screen

The "Giving Totals Information" screen (on the portal):