Match Names With Faces With Pictures & Directories

The™ Attendee portal, automatically included with SeekerWorks.NET™, provides a Directory function that allows your Attendees and other ministry partners to view information for each household in the list who hasn't opted out (unlisted). This Directory screen is secured, meaning that a user has to log in and have prior "Friend" authorization before they can see the information.

The Directory screen shows names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, email addresses, ministry age groups, visitor/member status and either a picture of the household, or a picture for the individual.

  • All addresses have a 'map' link to automatically show the address online on a map.
  • All phone numbers provide a 'tel:' link you can click to automatically call them. They also indicate whether they are the main phone number for the household or personal cell phones for each person in the household who has one.
  • All email addresses have a 'mailto:' link to automatically open a screen to send them an email, unless the person has checked their 'Do Not Use' value.

The Directory screen has 3 tabs:

  1. List Of Households (default)
    Directory List Of Households screen

  2. Household Details
    Directory Household Details screen

  3. Household Picture & Details