Use EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT For Your Child Check-in

SeekerWorks.NET™ includes our web-based, 'EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT' process. This process is an easy, fast, and secure way to Check-IN and route children or students to the right building/room, and make sure only those authorized can Check-OUT and pick up those same children or students.

Since everything is picture based, no one can impersonate another and try to pick up a child they're not authorized to pick up, even if the unauthorized person is an estranged parent. The self-service process can use RFID cards or key fobs using a proximity card reader, or cell phones using Bluetooth with that same proximity card reader, or phone number based using any touch screen device. Each option brings up the selection screens, ideally using a touch screen device to tap the picture of the person doing the Check-IN and the pictures of the children or students being Checked-IN or OUT. The whole process only takes a few seconds!

Peel-and-stick labels with pictures are quickly printed on a DYMO printer, as well as EZ Check-IN and/or Check-OUT reports showing allergies, special instructions or restrictions on who can pick up a child during Check-OUT (e.g., custody and restraining order information). Even print extra peel-and-stick labels for other things like diaper bags, backpacks, etc. Attendance is kept automatically, and a log of every Check-IN or Check-OUT event is saved for each person.

The EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT Settings screen is found on the 'People' menu, and is the first screen in the process:

EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT Settings

Use it to determine which options you do or do not want to use. If a printer is not selected or a check box is not checked, those particular reports or labels won't print. Check the boxes you want and leave the rest un-checked. Use the 'Pretend Today Is:' date to test the whole process using a date in the past or future that matches the scheduled Attendance Type and Team Schedules. Then, click the (Start EZ Check-IN...) button to get started. (Note that we have chosen to search by credentials as well as telephone numbers, so a toggle button will appear to allow switching back and forth between (Use Phone Number?) and (Use Credentials?) labels.)

The EZ Check-IN Scan pop-up screen appears next in a separate browser window or tab:

EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT Scan (Credentials)

This screen is where you can scan credentials from an RFID card or key fob, or scan a cell phone's Bluetooth signal for a unique credential generated from the accompanying SeekerWorks WAVE-ID app. Either scan will click the (Go) button automatically. It has a (Check-IN As Volunteer?) toggle button, which changes to (Volunteer Check-IN) when touched/clicked, then back to (Check-IN As Volunteer?) when you touch/click it again. Or, tap or click the (Use Phone Number?) toggle button, then...

EZ Check-IN/Check-OUT Scan (Phone#) can type in a unique telephone number, with or without an on-screen key pad, then tap or click (Go) to continue. (Note that you can tap or click the changed (Use Credentials) button instead to switch back to the (Use Phone Number?) button and scan credentials again.)

The EZ Check-IN - Select Person Authorized To Check-IN/Check OUT screen appears when the credentials have already been set up:

EZ Check-IN - Select Person Authorized To Check-IN/Check-OUT

Here, you can tap or click the picture of the person doing the Check-IN or Check-OUT. Doing so will click the (Next...) button automatically. In addition, if one of the people shown is also scheduled to volunteer, they could tap or click the (Also, check me IN for...) button first to Check-IN as a Volunteer and select their picture simultaneously, then tap or click the (Next...) button to continue.

(NOTE: When the 'Unattended Mode' is NOT selected on the 'EZ Check-IN Settings' screen (shown above), each slot will appear with a (...) pick list button, with which you can pick another person in the database. Next to it is an (i) info button, with which you can further define EZ Check-IN information for the person and use a web cam to take their picture, or upload a picture, if desired. Also, when you scan a new credential or type in a telephone number that has not been set up for the EZ Check-IN process, you can automatically enroll them using the 'Household Setup' screen. There, you could either pick an existing person or address from the database, or create a new household with all of the people involved, then use the (i) info button for each person authorized, and/or those to be Checked-IN/Checked-OUT, like the next screen.)

The EZ Check-IN - Select Those To Be Checked-IN/Checked-OUT screen appears: